〒651-1401 1364-1 Arima-Cho, Kobe shi, Hyogo-pref, Japan TEL: 078-904-0631

Guests who come by cars

To the guests who are from Kobe. After go through Shin-Kobe tunnel then get off at Exit of Arima guchi Kita Kobe line Hanshin Expressway No.7。
It takes 20minutes from Sannomiya to Arima onsen by car。
To the guests who are from Osaka, Hiroshima. Get off at Exit of Nishinomiya kita IC of Chugoku Expressway。
It will take 10minutes from Exit of Exressway。

※The guests who comes to Arima onsen by cars on Consecutive holidays would get traffic jam, so we suggest another route。
 Guests who are from Osaka and Kobe can ride in Royu road which is in Ashiya city。

Chugoku Expressway Nishinomiya kita IC ~Arima onsen About 15minutes
Hanshin Expressway Kita Kobe line Hanshin Expressway No.7 Exit of Arima guchi ~Arima onsen About 5minutes

Guests who come by Train or Shin-kansen.

Sannomiya・Shin-Kobe [Departure] Sannomiya or Shin-Kobe(Subway line)~Tanigami station transfer to Kobe dentetsu line~Arima guchi station transfer to Kobe dentetsu line~Arima onsen About 30minutes
Sanda [Departure] Sanda(Kobe dentetsu line)~Arima guchi station transfer to Kobe dentetsu line~Arima onsen About 30minutes

Guests who come by bus

Guests can take the local bus or Express bus to come to Arima onsen from Kobe, Osaka, Takarazuka,Ashiya。
It is convenient to come to Arima osnen without transfers。
Stations from Kobe direction are Sannomiya station and Shi-kobe station. Satations from Osaka direction are Osaka station,Umeda station and Shin-Osaka station.

Kobe [Departure] Hankyu、Shinki bus
JR bus
Sannomiya~Shin-Kobe~Arima onsen
Shin-Kobe~Sannomiya~Arima onsen
About 30minutes
Osaka [Departure] Hankyu bus
JR bus
・Hankyu Umeda~Arima onsen
・JR Osaka~Arima onsen
About 60minutes
Kyoto[Departure] JR bus
Hankyu bus, Keihan bus
・JR Kyoto~Arima onsen About 70minutes
Hanshin Ashiya [Departure] Hankyu bus Hanshin Ashiya~JR Ashiya~Hankyu Ashiya gawa~Arima onsen About 40minutes
Hankyu Takarazuka [Departure] Hankyu bus Hankyu Takarazuka~Arima onsen About 40minutes

Guests who come by Airplane

ITM- Osaka airport and Kobe airport are convenient to access。
Spending time is similar for two airports but it is need transfer at each of air port。

Kobe Air port [Departure] Kobe Air port~Port liner Sannomiya station~ Sannomiya station subway line ~Tanigami station Kobe dentetsu line~Arima guchi station Kobe dentetsu line ~Arima onsen About 50minutes
Osaka(ITM)Air port [Departure] Osaka(ITM)Air port~Bus to Takarazuka~Bus to Arima onsen About 60minutes

The access way from city Suburbs to Arima onsen

Arima onsen is located in north part of Kobe city. Because of good location it has very convenient access from Kobe city and Osaka city。